England against Germany

The origins of the second world war go back to the middle of the 1930's when Nazi political leader Adolf Hitler became very powerful and ready to invade foreign territories in Europe. Nazi Germany had a very powerful air power, the Luftwaffe which flew the Messerschmidt BF-109 fighter , and in started to invade Poland in 1939. Germany, which was allied with Italy lead by political leader Mussolini, had plans to attack neighbor countries such as France, Belgium, and Holland in 1940, it was at that time England started fighting against Germany's invasion all over Europe.
British political leader Winston Churchill said in 1940: "The battle of France is over, now the battle of Britain is about to begin". As Germany send its Luftwaffe to bomb England, the Royal Air Force resisted against the German invasion with its air squadrons consisting mostly of Spitfires and Hurricane single engine fighters.

The Spitfire was designed and first flew in the 1930's, it was famous for its superior performances and it was a very agile aircraft. It was built with an all metal skin. More than 20000 units were built. Pilots from allied air forces to the RAF, one of the countries involved with the RAF was Belgium, also flew that aircraft. The Spitfire continued to fly with the RAF until the early 1950's when the first military jets had already been unveiled.
The Hurricane which also dates from the 1930's was the first monoplane aircraft to enter service with the RAF at the dawn of the second world war. The design of this aircraft started in 1933, it would then be the successor to the Hawker Fury. It made its maiden flight in 1935. The Hurricane was built with strong wood sections with steel tubes and linen cover material. This technology, applied to the design of the older Hawker Fury, was already outdated by the late 1930's not long after the Hurricane started flying with the RAF, the then new Spitfire had just been unveiled. The Hurricane wasn't as agile as the Spitfire was although the performances were quite similar, but its structure made the aircraft more resistant to bullets than the Spitfire was. Over 14000 units were built.

The United States helped Europe in saving their allies against Germany. The United States, which flew the P-51 Mustang fighter, had air bases in England and US troops arrived in Normandy in 1944 so that Germany's power would eventually vanish. It was at the end of the second world war, in 1945, that Germany surrendered.
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